Social Media

Provide our clients with results on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Print Advertising

Design and place bus ads, billboards, trolley ads, newspaper ads, and magazine ads.

Broadcast Media

Script and produce your Radio and TV commercials and negotiate on behalf of our customers for commercial placement. We have placed media in many markets and states across the nation.

Google Adwords

We are proud to be a Certified Google AdWords Partner.

Public Relations

Create and distribute press releases to newspapers, TV, radio, and online.

Corporate Videos

We are a one stop shop for corporate videos. We can create and produce corporate videos that can be used for public relations, training, sales, website, etc.

Media Relations

Provide services to help secure radio, TV, and online interviews for our clients.


We are proud to have provided the above services in various languages including: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese.